a closer look at our italian:summer capsule

behind the scenes of our most detailed drop yet

When we start designing our collections, we always look to last years and ask ourselves how to improve it. As long as we're iterating as we grow, with every stitch we get better.

Last July, we were on the streets of Paris with the first of our seasonal collection tees, cotton shirts, and some summer knitwear thrown in for good measure. We use some of our smaller drops as a testing ground for new logos and the success of the Paris and arch logo tees meant they needed to be restocked. Those have come back already this year, so our focus went on how we could make the cotton shirts and knitwear our best ever.


Our internal code for this drop was "it's in the details", with more dropping in part two later this month. As we grow, we're getting access to better factories and suppliers, which is really helping us execute our vision.

The other thing we needed to think about at the design stage was where we'd take the clothes to shoot them, and naturally, Italy was at the top of our list. Knowing this ahead of time allowed us to focus on archival Italian menswear pieces to begin designing our most detailed collection yet.

Our favourite piece from this drop (and we have many) is our cropped resort shirt with floral stitch detailing. Cotton gives this shirt a lot of good structure and a strong silhouette whilst being soft and crisp to the touch - like your mum's best ironing. The material holds structure well, so it was perfect for some floral stitching we've wanted to do for years. It's an absolute banger, arguably our best yet. We can't wait for you to feel this one.


Next up, we looked at classic Italian knitwear, the sort of premium knitted feels that Italian men pull off so easily in the movies. We knew we wanted to, of course, reinterpret a classic knitted polo in the a:b way, so oversized all the detailing from the buttons to the pockets. The knit is a fine, lightweight gauge, meaning it's still structured and refined. It's one of our favourites, and the small logo detailing tucked slightly behind the oversized pocket really brings a contemporary edge to a classic design.

Vests, vests, vests. Nobody can get enough of them. Once the reserve of layering, these have taken the forefront of most looks these days. These knitted vests are an update on last year's bestsellers with diamond knit detailing. They're not designed to cling to you either, so you can comfortably wear them as they are with a pair of our pleats for a smart take.


The banner logo was a new style for this year and sold out within minutes when it was first revealed, so it's restocking in two new colourways for our Italian summer drop. The new estate blue colour way is fast becoming our house colour, and here we pair it with our traditional oat 100% cotton t-shirt. We're also dropping the banner logo on a black tee with ecru detail. Simple, but effective.

These tee's are in our signature Josef fit. A cropped and boxy silhouette with dropped shoulders. We have continued to refine the fit our signature tee - the neckline is now much tighter that even a few months ago.

Tell you what, there's some banging sunglasses in here. When are they dropping?

Soon my child, soon.


Finally, we're restocking our pleated Bermuda shorts in black and ecru and adding two new colourways in navy and oyster grey. These shorts are perfect for Summer, and you can see from the styling how well they pair with both relaxed and sharper looks. Again, these sold out in less than thirty minutes in our last drop and seem to have developed a bit of a cult following.